Response to me immediately,

2018-10-21 @ 04:30 – 05:30
Response to me immediately,

Assallam’Alahekum Wa rahmatullahi Wa barakaatuh.

With Due Respect And Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a humanitarian ground. My name is Mrs. Medinat Abudul Malik Sherrif, a French national born July 19, 1966 and I am under medical supervision for over (3) months since I have a brain tumor . My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health will increasingly degrading. I have a large sum of money, that I want to make available to you; so you can use it for good will to help the Muslims organizations, and Muslim orphanages including the widows and widowers and all the building of Arabic Islamic Schools.

If I chose to contact you is because, I wish that this operation is done in utmost discretion without too much publicity because of my previous activities. I wish that you agree to serve legal administrator (beneficiary) and perform an action program by creating a foundation or an NGO as I have stated above to help the elderly and children in difficult circumstances with good intention of bringing people together to serve Allah.My marital status is such that I’m single because I lost my husband since Last years and unfortunately we did not have a child together, I have no one to whom to leave my legacy to, this is the reason while I wanted to donation this money to you and your organization. I will be so graceful in order to help the poor; I am donating this sum of ( Two million United State dollars ) to help you establish a charitable foundation in my memory so that the grace of Allah be with me to my final resting place for me to receive an honorable place (AlJannoh) with the Allah.

Have no fear, I am contacting you because I prayed for several nights for Allah to put me into guardians, give me the contact of a trusted person to whom I could entrust this matter. When I was still working, I was a woman of Business and it allowed me to touch many areas of business, some of which have not been legal. Know that you can keep half this money to yourself and the rest half will be used to create a charitable foundation in my memory and a federation of fight against cancer and also for abandoned children and the poor ones in our communities. I will like to have confirmation of your details such as: (Name, address, telephone, Occupation, marital status, age) and know what project you intend to achieve with these funds? I count on your goodwill and especially the proper use of these funds and I am waiting for your urgent respond, to enable me to put you in contact with my bank manager for immediately transfer of this money into your nominated account.

Pending the confirmation message of your approval and your ability to receive these funds I wish you the blessing and protect of Almighty (Allah Subuanahu Watahallah). Wasalam

Reply me At ( ) Tell: +22573047086.

Yours Sister in Islam
Mrs Medinat Abudul Malik Sherrif